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Libraries, the heartbeat of Small Town America

Both books in our Summers Run series have been donated to libraries in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana: The Missoula Public Library, the North Valley Library, and the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton.

Books have been donated to public libraries in Meadville, Titusville, Springboro, Cambridge Springs, Cochranton, Washington, Williamsport, and Lock Haven, all in Pennsylvania.

It’s been our pleasure to do this, in this day of limited resources and budgetary restraints.
Patronize your local libraries: there’s more going on there than just books. These are not the dull, stereotypically dry and dusty halls of yesterday. They are alive and lively institutions of learning, entertainment, and imaginative, worthwhile stimulation. . . . Jim Cotton

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words, my next novel in the Summers Run series. The publisher is in a bit of a dilemma in categorizing this one. Is it a:

Young Adult

Young Adult Coming-of-Age

A Literary Work

An Intergenerational Novel

Or should it be classified as General Fiction/Baseball?

The issue arises because Return To Summers Run involves all the above. It should be available later this month or early June through online retailers, from the publisher, or through your local bookstore. It’s being published as a softcover and e-book.

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At Kobobooks.com , Smashwords.com , Barnes & Noble.com , Amazon.com , iUniverse.com , and enTourage.com 

It continues to be well-received, appealing to those who like a “feel-good-at-the-end” novel. If you like Jan Karon’s Mitford Series and the Father Tim novels she’s written, you should like Summers Run: An American Boyhood. Jan Karon’s website is www.mitfordbooks.com

Reviews and sample chapters of Summers Run: An American Boyhood can be found at afeelgoodnovel.blogspot.com or www.alongcountryroads.com

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Though Flag the Fawn (that grew to become a destructive yearling) captures much of the attention, there are other elements within the Marjorie Rawlins novel that merit comment. Frontier family life and the relationship between Jody (Claude Jarman, Jr.’s character) and Pa Baxter, portrayed by Gregory Peck, form the sturdy structure. The simple virtues from both the book and the motion picture still resonate today. Classic father and son stuff with its teachable moments and modeling.

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Learn more about this feel-good-at-the-end novel by clicking on afeelgoodnovel.blogspot.com or www.alongcountryroads.com You can read excerpts, sample chapters, and reviews of this work set in today’s rural Pennsylvania.

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You can read reviews and learn more about Summers Run: An American Boyhood at afeelgoodnovel.blogspot.com and www.alongcountryroads.com

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