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is no longer being serviced. Perhaps we’ll review WordPress and our future here at length and at a later date but we’ve moved everything over to Blogspot for its simplicity and ease of access. Go to Along Country Roads at alongcountryroads.blogspot.com

for links and navigation through our eight blogs devoted to rural living, livestock and landscapes, country life and images in both Pennsylvania and Montana, and vehicles of the1935-1960 era. 

Sorry we couldn’t make it work here, folks. Things just seemed too cumbersome and befuddling.


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Simply go to afeelgoodnovel.blogspot.com or mycornerofpa.blogspot.com OR mysideofmontana.blogspot.com  

Scroll down the blogs to the bottom of the first page, and you’ll be able to click through to the books of the series. There are two titles now and there will be three next year.

Any of these blogs will link you directly to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and their ordering process. It’s easy and if your order is large enough, you may qualify for free shipping.

OR, you might want to patronize and order through your local bookstore on the corner or along the main street of your town, village, or city. Its service may be just as fast and you’ll be supporting a business in your community. 

Both books separately or together make permanent, treasured gifts for Christmas or anytime. Thanks.

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The website and blogs associated with this blog are available for your viewing. The main website anchor can be found at www.alongcountryroads.com  Blogs are now My Corner of Pennsylvania, http://mycornerofpa.blogspot.com and My Side of Montana, http://mysideofmontana.blogspot.com and our new effort, A Feel Good Novel at afeelgoodnovel.blogspot.com

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